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Welcome to Affirmative Counseling & Therapy!  

Let me help empower yourself, heal, and create loving relationships! 

I am a caring and experienced therapist with an open mind. Since it is often difficult to make the decision to come into counseling, I will assist you in determining what is most beneficial for you. My firm belief is that knowledge is power - especially when that  power comes from within and drives actions. It's those "aha" moments where self-discovery and insights emerge that make all the difference. To achieve those moments, I base my work in a person centered, gentle, and culturally sensitive framework that effectively guides the process. This interactive exchange will help you develop internal strength and foster self-empowerment.

When you come for counseling or therapy, you can be yourself in a safe and confidential space. I encourage you to take the first step and contact me today to set up an appointment for a regular session or free consultation! 

A few things we can work on are listed below. Let's talk!



As an individual, do you want to:

  • Enjoy life with an affirmative outlook?
  • Overcome or manage certain issues?
  • Get unstuck and move forward?
  • Heal from recent or past hurts?
  • Love your genuine self with all your qualities and unique traits?
  • Demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity?
  • Experience a more relaxed and balanced way of living?
  • Nurture deep and lasting connections with others?

Together as a couple, would you like to:

  • Fulfill and live your mutual dreams?
  • Enhance closeness and frienship within the relationship?
  • Communicate with compassion and support?
  • Feel heard and understood by your partner?
  • Move beyond a gridlocked situation?
  • Rekindle intimacy, explore or improve your sex life?
  • Effectively repair when things have gone wrong?
  • Experience a greater sense of worth and fulfillment?

Ready to give it a try? Start here!

Take the first step

  • Decide if you would like to start counseling or therapy for yourself or as a couple. If you are not quite sure yet, then:
  • I offer a  free initial 30 minute consultation with no obligation for us to get to know each other and to explore options and possibilities.


Contact me today

  • When you are ready to start, please call or text at (619) 851-2541, or...
  • E-mail me at info@armingeiger.com
  • Or use the web contact form above
  • I will answer your communication as soon as possible to schedule or confirm our appointment.


We'll meet and begin

  • Come to the office at our set day and time. For driving directions, click here.
  • For the first meeting, please arrive a little early to fill in a few forms.
  • I will make sure you feel comfortable and safe when we meet.