Helping traumatized individuals and distressed couples

...and just about anyone else

As an individual, you may want to...

  • Enjoy life with an affirmative outlook
  • Overcome certain issues or get unstuck
  • Love your genuine self with all your qualities and unique traits
  • Demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity
  • Practice and experience mindfulness
  • Nurture deep, lasting connections with others

As a couple, you may want to...

  • Communicate and act decisively with enthusiasm and compassion
  • Connect comfortably with others, your partner, and yourself
  • See a more accurate picture of yourself and your partner
  • Rekindle intimacy and explore or improve your sex life
  • Experience a greater sense of worth
  • Feel a greater sense of energy based on a life-affirming outlook

Welcome to Affirmative Counseling & Therapy!  

I am glad you have found my website - you have probably been thinking about counseling and therapy for a while. Perhaps today, even right now, you decide it is time to make a change. To look up and move forward. To heal and make yourself whole. Or, as a couple, to turn towards your partner and not away. 

The decision to seek counseling can change your life. Please know there is hope and help available to start making the changes you desire and deserve.

When is the right time to start? Only you can decide, but if you take the first step today and contact me, then you are already on your way. Let's begin!

Start here. It's a smooth and simple process.

Take the first step

  • Decide if you would like to make positive changes in your life, whithin yourself, or in your relationship.
  • I offer a  free initial 30 minute consultation with no obligation for us to get to know each other.

Contact me today

  • When you are ready to start, please call or text at (619) 851-2541, or...
  • E-mail me at
  • I will answer your communication as soon as possible to schedule or confirm our appointment.

We'll meet and begin

  • Come to the office at our set day and time. For driving directions, click here.
  • For the first meeting, please arrive a little early to fill in a few forms.
  • I will make sure you feel comfortable and safe when we meet.